The egabrenses dishes are based on land and water which often arises sacred set its gastronomic privilege. The garden and the mountains come together to give its culinary wealth. From the first his fresh vegetables, with succulent dishes, and second its tasty meats, with magnificent marinades.

The gastronomic wealth of this land is determined by different factors, generation after generation, They have shaped eating habits. The abundance of water made possible the fertile plain of orchards Cabra, rich in fruits and vegetables. The cultivation of grapes and olives, which it produces wines with designation of origin and olive oil, basic in the Mediterranean diet. Spicy food source with unquestionable culinary skill, result dishes such as stew, the empedrao, gazpacho, or spinach with chickpeas. Not to mention the desserts and sweets themselves each season like porridge day Saints, donuts and omelettes or fritters Christmas and Easter gajorros.

Special mention oil cakes or Agustinas.Cabra bizcotelas of nuns has a wide range of establishments dedicated to the restoration, where you can taste, from the most typical and characteristic dishes to the kitchen egabrenses.