Around 24 June comes the first Summer Fair in Subbética, Fair San Juan, which gives way to 'summer holiday', not only of Cabra but the whole region. This fair has many cultural attractions, sports events, attractions, concerts, booths, bulls and recently recovered 'bonfires of San Juan'. The ceremony held on the day of San Juan in the square of D. Juan Valera in the Alcantara Romero Park, with the delivery of the National Prize for Literature that bears his name, and the concert of the Band, It is the most important moment of this fair.

Throughout the summer different celebrations and festivals occur in the different neighborhoods of the city. Gaena celebrates the Cross and the Immaculate Conception in May. Celebrations of the district of Bethlehem.

Lows Huertas celebrate the holidays from your employer, San Antonio, around 13 of June. Fiestas de la Paz in the neighborhood Virgen de la Sierra. medieval festival in the neighborhood of the Villa.