The Fiestas de la Cruz in the popular neighborhood of Cerro arise from the celebrations of the Feast of the Holy Cross, which organized and celebrated the Brotherhood of Vera Cruz around day 3 of May. This Brotherhood is erected in the Church of San Juan Bautista del Cerro at the Feast of the Cross is closely linked to this neighborhood. Since 1991 this brotherhood procession on the last day of the Virgin of the Remedies for the typical narrow streets of Cerro.

Perhaps the most characteristic and singular element is the tradition of the 'Santacruces’ the smaller draw, arranged on a wooden stretcher usually take four to six children, on which a cross stands, adorned with flowers and a picture of egabrenses images. Tradition demands that are and mock orange rose petals forming an arc, most commonly used flowers. The Santacruces take to the streets a few days before 3 May and children ask a 'limosnita for Santa Cruz', singing a popular ballad that says: ‘ Oh Mary, my mother, oh comfort, celestial. Amparadnos and guiadnos to the heavenly homeland '. The rioters, if you leave the guardian accompanying the cross, They give a kick pulling petals on the floor and creating a great regret in the group shouting 'the departed the club'. The day 3 a concentration is carried out in the Plaza Vieja that ends next to the Church of the hill and in which, after distributing cakes and chocolate, contest prizes are given. In recent years they have joined the small parade steps, as a 'Easter little girl', in which small start in the cofrades LIDES, so deeply rooted in our city.