For over two thousand years ago, olives and oil have been the cornerstones of life and economy of Cabra.

Making a brief walk through our past, it would highlight some milestones.

There are many dating from Roman times that refer to this crop in our region, as is the case of

“Cornelius, inhabitant of these lands, that knowing the imperial decree dictated by Cesar, which he forced the Baetica to increase oil production to meet the growing demand of the Metropolis, Cornelius after much deliberation, remembered the olive branch had long ago planted in a crag, He gave it is your day, a merchant of paintings, who came to visit him every year en route from Saguntum (current Sagunto). The olive tree was different from the rest, It was not so vecero and its roots were anchored in the rough terrain that other olive trees had been unable to conquer. Cornelius, He decided to prune several stakes and planting on his farm, which it was located some 14 miles south of Igabrum (current Cabra), These flourished after all the years, his new plantation managed to fill the jars with oil requiring him from Rome. "

In Muslim era, when Cabra becomes capital of the Cora already it stressed and emphasized the important olive oil production that were obtained in these places.

Eighteenth century we receive written news of the Molino del Duque, which give us an idea of ​​the importance of this, since it had 18 Beam presses.

In the nineteenth century there registered in Cabra 59 oil mills, we are told teachers Poyato Casas Sanchez y Calvo in his book "Goat in the S. XIX ".

In 1.902 Pallares Brothers come from Tortosa to found an oil factory, time walked, It would become as published in the years 40 Encyclopedia of Andalusia in the largest world oil factory. affirmation this, that would be repeated in 1.952 when it is recording a program NODE-documentary about obtaining corroborating olive oil.
El 27 April 1933, in the opinion decenario a story appears under the title "Notable Invention", literally says:
"In the days 16 Y 17 of current, they took effect on the beautiful estate "The Bugle", owned by our distinguished friend D. Martin Belda and José Méndez of San Julián, testing a new machine for the extraction of olive oil by centrifugation, without using mats. Tests in question had a wonderful result, and they were witnessed, invited to the effect, by oil manufacturers Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, Castro del Rio, Monturque, Goat and other populations. the new invention should, following instructions studies of the late Marquis de Cabra, Messrs. Don Jose Maria Belda and Mendez San Julian and Don Florentino Ortiz García, engineer, aided by Swiss engineer Mr. Luthi. Lacking time more details, another number will disclose the characteristics and performance of this machine. "
Another important milestone would be, Cooperative founded in the Olivarera 1.949 by a small group of farmers, convinced of the social and economic future of this company. Sixty-three years later, this reality consists of nearly a thousand (hundreds) cooperators, faithful to the principles and beliefs of the founders. Finally in the year 2004 Goat joins the D. O. Baena.
El 29 January 1.893 Goat reaches first railway called the path as the "Via Rail Oil", because it is precisely this environment which served to draw valuable product.
Francisco Casas Marin