Up the main street, a column grasped, econtramos la Arizona, Mio Cid sword, reminiscent of the great victory won it in the "Battle of Cabra". Feat that apparently gave the name of Campeador (battler) and that is reflected at the beginning of Cantar de Mio Cid:

"The king of Granada and the rich men did not attend anything like the letters Cid, and they were all very strong and destroyed the king of Seville whole land until Cabra Castle "

"Ruy Diaz, when he heard that, he thought it would not be right not to attack them and went against them and fought with them in the field, and the pitched battle lasted from the third hour until noon, and great was the slaughter that there were Moors and Christians on the part of the king of Granada, and vencióles the Cid and made them flee the country. And the Cid took prisoner in this battle the Count Garcia Ordonez and arranchó a tuft of beard and many other knights and countless warriors walk. And the prisoners Cid had three days, and then he released them all. "