Cabra Castle rose in the No.. of the current city,within the walls. He had a parade in which they could make eight or ten thousand men, He was surrounded by a strong wall with 18 torres. From the original construction is more than half of the wall and has been determined, quite closely, the floor of the enclosure that had to be quadrangular, about 76 x 47m.

The thickness of the walls is about 2.60m, approximately. Regarding the towers, we know well say that two of them, plus two other site, on the sides of the current gateway it appears to the enclosure. At the center of this projection wall and a half is the Keep. It is almost square and has just over 20m high. About 11m from the current ground level there is a square chamber with vaulted cloths ochavada, with tubes in ángulos.La other surviving tower is located in the northwest corner. It is square, with the angle facing the interior of the enclosure worn, It retains a 10m height. Today the site hosts the convent-school of the RR.MM. Escolapias.