El Picacho is considered the 'Balcon de Andalucia', pudéndose see from this on clear days not only the most important summits of the Subbética, but the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The Sierra de Cabra offers interesting geological formations as the Lapiaz of Lanchares.

The Massif de la Sierra de Cabra is considered one of the natural wonders of the province of Cordoba and the Andalusian community. It has the status by Unesco geopark, being under the protection of this.

The Massif concentrated in just three hectares one of the largest concentrations of geodiversity in Andalusia.

Calcareous sediments deposited since two hundred million, twenty-five million years ago, They have been compressed, misshapen, Fractured and emerged in a slow process.

Later, weather conditions have shaped the current landscape making it a kind of book where you can read the memory of the earth.

Near the peak Lobatejo and Abuchite, griffon vulture flight will be proud protagonists along with collalbas.